About PWN

PWN is a public company that carries out public tasks on a not-for-profit basis. Working in partnership with relevant stakeholders forms a vital aspect of this. We put a lot of energy into building up, improving and managing relationships with them. We set out to understand and recognise the interests, needs and expectations of stakeholders and find a balance between those interests and the interest of PWN.

PWN supplies drinking water via over 760,000 connections to private customers, companies and institutions in the Province of North-Holland. Our one-and-a-half million customers use about 106 billion litres of drinking water a year. We purify surface water into drinking water in Andijk, Heemskerk and in the dune area. We also share our knowledge and expertise​ in the area of water extraction with local experts abroad. PWN contributes to the development of reliable water where it is needed the most.

PWN manages 7,300 hectares of nature conservation areas between Zandvoort and Bergen for the provincial authority. The Kennemer dunes and the Noord-Holland Dune Reserve received approximately 7 million visits last year and enjoy protection as a Natura 2000 area. The areas are managed in accordance with the Sustainable Site Management Barometer​ (level Gold).